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A New Journey Begins

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I'm back! Did you miss me?

These last couple of months have been ridiculously busy! I wanted to spend a moment to recap what I have been up to and explain why I haven't been blogging recently.

Back to September

September was insanity. Initially, I took off blogging to focus on studying.

You see, I had been studying since March. I spent anywhere between an hour to two hours a day reviewing meteorology topics with the sole purpose of earning my certification through the American Meteorological Society (AMS). Obtaining the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) seal is an honor only held by several hundred meteorologists.

While initially studying was exciting and fun, it got a little tedious and exhausting towards the end. Finally, I was able to book the test for late September. Taking the test was stressful, and not because I wasn't prepared. The remote proctor program shut me out of the exam when I had answered 85 of the 100 questions. I spent the next four hours trying to relaunch the exam, calling support, and contacting the AMS board. Long story short, I wasn't able to complete the exam that day.

It was very frustrating! I had studied for months and could tell I was doing well on the exam, but a faulty program prevented me from completing it.

I was able to reschedule my exam, this time in person, three days later and passed. Part 1 of the certification was complete. Now, I move on to part 2, which is the video submission. A panel of meteorologists will evaluate the weathercast with strict criteria. When I pass, I will officially hold the honor of Certified Broadcast Meteorologist.

Around the same time as I was preparing to take my exam, I was also preparing for a big move back to St. Louis.

In early August, I had a phone interview with KMOV in St. Louis. After several phone calls back and forth, I was invited to an in-person interview in mid-August. Two days later, KMOV offered me the job.

The whole event was very surreal. KMOV was my favorite station to watch whenever I visited my home in St. Louis. The anchors and meteorologists were all people I had admired for years. Now, they are colleagues. Being in the position to learn from them is both thrilling and humbling.

Leaving was hard! The people are KY3 truly became my family. I still miss my old co-workers. They gave me so much support during my time there, and that support continued when I accepted the new job. They were just as thrilled as I was!

Remember how I mentioned earlier that September was absolute insanity? Maybe now you understand why. Between work at KY3, prepping for a big move, I was nearly crushed by stress.

Onto October...

Looking back now, I shouldn't have worried so much. I was able to find a place to live, take the test, and pack with plenty of time to spare. I even managed to check off a few extra items on my Ozark's bucket list before October 3rd came around, and I shut the door on my old apartment.

I clutched my best friends closely, who had come over early to help with the last of the packing. You'll recognize a few of them, Alyssa Kelly from The Place, KY3 reporter Kaitlyn Schumacher, as well as KY3 producer Abby Foster. I fought back tears as I watched them disappear in my rearview mirror. A chapter of my story had closed, onto the next.

October 11th marked my first day at KMOV. I was full of jitters entering the station, found right across the street from the Gateway Arch.

I was thrown into the workforce! On day 1, I was helping the chief meteorologist with tornado coverage. On day 2, I made my on-air debut giving tornado damage updates. Day 3 I was out at a KMOV Cares4Kids telethon which raised over 200k for Shriners Children's Hospital.

I made my weekend debut a week and a half after starting. Severe weather dominated the story that weekend. By Monday morning, I was out in Chester, IL covering tornado damage for the morning shows. During week three, I was on the noon weather show.

November 11th marks my monthaversary! My, how it has flown. I have learned so much and can't even imagine what the next month, and the next few years, will bring. I'm excited to learn more! You all will be the first to hear of my adventures.

First, check out my station bio! Still pinching myself. 

Stick with me! I also have more weather concepts to explain.

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